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Health & Wellness Center

Your wellness plan doesn’t have to feature a stuffy, sterile clinical office, or a gloomy distracted doctor that barely makes eye contact with you. You deserve the full attention of dedicated and committed wellness professionals who partner with you and who really listen.

The ways of the right-living people glow with light; the longer they live, the brighter they shine. (Proverbs 4:18)


  • BodyTalk
  • Detox Foot Bath
  • Brain Balancing
  • Lymphatic Support
  • Allergy / Intolerance Testing
  • Wellness Coaching

Weight Loss

  • Red Light LipoMelt Therapy
  • Detox Foot Bath
  • Brain Balancing
  • Lymphatic Support
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching


  • Non-Surgical Facelift
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Optimal Longevity
  • Regenerative Therapies (Coming Soon!)

Pain Relief

  • Drug-Free Pain Relief
  • Lymphatic Support
  • Photobiomodulation

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Health and Wellness Center

Priority-based health care for complete wellness focusing on the whole person, body, mind, and spirit.

Look Beneath the Surface of Your Symptoms

Lynn Morales, ND looks at your health on all dimensions regardless of symptoms, and then allows your body to determine the priority for healing. Your body has all the answers you need for healing, we just need to listen! Visit our health and wellness center in Plano, TX!

Find the Fundamental Cause for Conditions

If you have chronic health conditions or conditions that the doctors are not able to diagnose, you need Priority Based Health Care from Lynn Morales, ND. She is experienced in helping you translate the aches, pains, emotional extremes, and turmoil.

Achieve Complete Health and Wellness

Your mind, body & spirit can achieve complete health and wellness when we address the cause of your conditions in the proper order.

About Access Complete Wellness, Inc. Health Center in Plano, TX

Access Complete Wellness, Inc. is a wellness and health center in Plano, Texas. ACW was formed to expand the vision of Lynn Morales, ND’s purpose of providing “Priority Based Health Care”. In order to achieve this purpose we felt it necessary to change the name of the practice to better describe the purpose - “practicing Priority Based Health Care to help people have Access to Complete Wellness” thus, Access Complete Wellness was born.

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Pain Relief

The Dark Side of the Wound

The Dark Side of the Wound

Diabetes and the Wound Care Industry I was recently invited to attend a wound care conference. Now, I am in the wellness and preventative health space so naturally I had to ask myself, “Am I in the wound care business?”  I clearly heard, “You are in the Diabetes...

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Weight Loss

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