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Drug Free Pain Relief

Find Relief, Embrace Freedom: Experience Drug-Free Pain Management

Discover a natural approach to pain relief that avoids the use of medications, providing effective solutions without the risk of side effects. Embrace drug-free alternatives and empower your body to heal and find comfort in a holistic way.

WellnessPro Plus

The WellnessPro Plus triggers our body’s natural wellness properties, with over a million frequencies to choose from. The WellnessPro Plus offers a treatment for numerous pain-related issues.

Wellness Pro Plus is an electrotherapy device that is designed for the precise treatment of problems associated with PAIN. It assists the body to achieve its natural state of well-being by correcting electrical abnormalities in areas of pain or injury

Therapeutic frequencies create tingling sensations that provide fast, long-term relief. Non-Toxic, Non-Invasive with NO side effects.

In addition to the TENS mode, the Wellness Pro Plus has a microcurrent mode, which allows the unit to work with the body’s electric current on a cellular level.

It utilizes a unique combination of frequencies and waves to achieve fast pain relief in the most complicated cases. And it does so much more, too much to mention here… ask us!