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About Access Complete Wellness, Inc. Health Center in Plano, TX


Access Complete Wellness, Inc. is a wellness and health center in Plano, Texas. ACW was formed to expand the vision of Lynn Morales, ND’s purpose of providing “Priority Based Health Care”. In order to achieve this purpose we felt it necessary to change the name of the practice to better describe the purpose - “practicing Priority Based Health Care to help people have Access to Complete Wellness” thus, Access Complete Wellness was born.

Priority Based Health Care

Priority Based Health Care, what does it mean? Basically, it's looking beneath the surface of symptoms to find the more fundamental causes for conditions. Then, addressing those causes in the proper order so the mind, body & spirit can achieve complete wellness. What a concept! So simple, yet not widely practiced. Find out more and visit out health center in Plano, Texas.

Whole Person Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit

At ACW we believe the best way to help someone achieve their full health and wellness potential is to address them as a whole person. The interaction between the mind, body, and spirit specifically, the ways in which emotional, mental, social and spiritual factors work together can directly affect one's health and wellness - in a positive or negative way. Also, Wellness is a multidimensional state of being and we place a strong emphasis on balance within one’s Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, Field, Friends and Fun.

Education and Awareness

Education is a high priority while providing support to our clients through a variety of wellness offerings and services. We provide solutions in the realm of Mind/Body, Nutrition and Fitness and provide education and awareness that can lead to a change in poor habits and gradually change habits that will result in increased quality and length of life. We believe that with knowledge and a clear understanding of why their body is expressing symptoms, healing will happen faster. Many people will agree to take the necessary steps to improve their own health if it makes sense and they understand how all the pieces connect.

Areas of Focus

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