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Transformations 360 WICO AppWICO APP

Here are the links to the WICO app in both app stores (iPhone and Android):

Download and open the app, select “I’m New,” and then you will be prompted to:

1. Input an Invite ID: transformations-acw

2. Create username/email/password.

3. Connect to any of your existing health apps (Fitbit, Apple Health, Garmin, etc). Feel free to sync with any you would like. They can also be found in your
settings tab if you would like to skip this step and connect later.

4. Once in the app, select Settings at the bottom of the app.

5. Enter another Invite ID – T360-F or T360-M

6. Select the Daily tab at the bottom of the app. Here you can:

  • Take your WICO and get a WICO Score through the links at the top of the tab.
  • Scroll through the notes at the top (by tapping another circle) to view the T360 Food List.
  • Scroll through the notes at the top (tap the next circle) to view Recipes.
  • Log information when following the T360 program (meals, packets, water intake, keto level, weight, exercise, oil/vinegar intake, energy level and much more…)Note: Some of this data can be pulled from your connected Health Apps (steps, glucose, sleep).

​7. On the Trends tab at the bottom, you will see bar graphs for any numerically tracked data.

8. Messages Tab is to chat with your Coach.

9. Groups Tab is to chat with a group.