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What’s in your water?

Recently, in the North Texas area where I live, a question was raised about the quality of the water from our local municipality.  It stemmed from a rash of people complaining of skin dryness, itchiness, rashes, eye irritations, unsafe levels of chlorine, headaches after showering, hair loss and other general health concerns. 

As it turns out, there are water treatments that may be done at certain times of year to treat the water.  And the chemicals used to treat the water from other unsafe organisms may actually bring with it some new health concerns.  These chemicals called trihalomethanes are known to lead to a higher risk of cancers and reproductive problems in humans. There are regulations in place that are designed to help you prevent high levels of trihalomethanes to reduce the risk of cancer and reproductive problems.  

What are trihalomethanes? They are chemical compounds and when exposed via short-term inhalation, humans and animals have shown central nervous system effects, irregular heartbeats, liver and kidney issues, redness or burning of the skin. Long-term exposure to amounts above the federal limits and observed through animal testing led to adverse effects to the central nervous system, liver, kidney, and heart.   These have also led to the decreased size of animal reproductive organs and a heightened risk of cancer after years of exposure.

So these are the concerns about our drinking and bathing water and it is a good thing that it has been brought to the forefront since long-term exposure is costly to your health.  What can you do about it? There are many options that can be considered to address drinking water in particular. As a last resort, is bottled water. You might think that would be a good option, but here is the concern.  Bottled water can leach the plastic out of the container that it is placed in which also lead to cancer causing agents. Now, generally, this might happen when the bottle is exposed to heat for great periods of time. So, you might think that since you bought your case of water from the store and kept it in the house since you brought it home you are okay.  But what you do not know is what happened to the water in transit? Was it sitting in the hot storage room of a grocery store for extended hours or worse, in the back of an 18 wheeler during transit while it sat in parking lots?

Another option is filtered water.  There are many options on the market as far as purchasing a filter for your home drinking water and whole house systems.  There are reverse osmosis systems, water pitcher filters, filters that offer alkaline water, filters that offer hydrogen water etc.  

Many people do not understand that water is so vital for life and all life functions.  It helps with elimination in the gut. It helps clean toxins out of the cells. It allows the nervous system to properly send signaling to the nerves and allows nerve endings to connect and transmit information throughout the body. It allows the brain to function in a major way. And many don’t realize that just because something they drink is liquid, does not mean it is hydrating to your cells.   For instance, iced tea. Yes, of course, it is made with water, but if you spilled grape juice on your carpet, would you clean it with iced tea? Of course not!

Your body is around 78% water and your brain is nearly 87% water.  Water is vital and the quality of it matters. Water is not just ingested into your cells by drinking it, but it is also absorbed through the skin which is the largest organ in the body.  This is why filtering even your bathing water is important.

My experience over the years is that water that is “energized”, like the water in the Rocky Mountains running over the rocks, is one of the best analogies I have for good water.  When you have the right water in the picture, you will feel how well your body operates, including cognition and digestion. I even find that I crave water that is good such as hydrogen water which is energized water.

I like hydrogen water because it assists the body with inflammation, works on cognitive function especially to stimulate ghrelin which is the hormone that tells the brain it is hungry and is also very effective in addressing joint issues.  But the most important piece is that there are more than 700 research studies showing therapeutic effects on the body from hydrogen water.

There are many that believe alkaline water is best for you.  Alkaline water has a pH higher than 7 and acid water is lower than 7.  Alkaline water has its place however, your body does an amazing job of managing multiple points in the digestive tract where pH varies based on location and function of that organ.  You see, you need more acid in your stomach to help digest food properly, whereas the next stage of the digestive process does not require such an acid level. Alkaline water is very good for a multitude of health benefits such as increased energy, immune system boosting, cognitive function and detoxification.  Alkaline water should have a constant flow of dissolved hydrogen in it and that can be hard to find in a good filtration system.

What about acid water?  Generally, this is best for watering plants washing your face and rinsing your mouth of bacteria such as gargling when you have a sore throat.  It is also known for benefits related to cleaning bacteria off of surfaces and kills fungus. This water is generally not beneficial for drinking.

Echo® 9 Ultra Hydrogen Water MachineThere is a company that I refer to that has a system that produces a great value to provide what you need whether alkaline, hydrogen or acid water and including adding positive frequencies to “energize” the water all in one unit!   The filer is called Echo® 9 Ultra Hydrogen Water Machine and it removes over 99% of pesticides, fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, bacteria, viruses and algae. It also removes 99% of soluble metals such as mercury, lead, nickel, copper, chromium and arsenic. The Echo® filter also stops scale buildup including lime.  This company offers a Forever Warranty and free installation! Oh yes, and the price is far less than a leading competitor. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Learn all you need to by watching these short videos.  Be sure to download the free Ebook on the benefits of Echo Hydrogen Enriched water.

The toxins that can enter your body through your skin via bathing and showering are just as dangerous to your health.  Your skin can easily absorb any chemical on contact so the same is true for your water in your shower or bath.  Here is a full home solution to assist in removing those toxins.

I encourage you to be very aware of your drinking water and the toxins that may be in it. If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, you are welcome to contact us for a large free bottle of drinking water to sample from the Echo System referenced above. 


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