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Need Vitamin F?

Check out this Amazing List of Symptoms it Addresses

Have you ever heard of vitamin F?  Most people ask me, “what’s it for?”  I respond, “It might be easier if I told you what it didn’t help.”  It is a very versatile vitamin and I think very much under promoted.

Vitamin F is helpful for men and women.  It is an unsaturated fatty acid which in invaluable to health and when combined with a live form of flaxseed oil, liver fat extract with iodine and liver powder such as the product Cataplex F by Standard Process.

This vitamin complex is invaluable for the heart muscle and to help it strengthen irregular heartbeats and increase the strength of the heart muscle in minutes.  It is also fabulous for muscle cramps caused by deficiencies.

But Vitamin F does not stop with the heart.  It is fabulous for giving your thyroid a jumpstart.  It can also keep your skin and hair from aging.  Want to protect yourself from the sun; sunburn, sunstroke, sun poisoning and sun sensitivity, consider vitamin F.  It also helps with dry skin and ridged nails.

Men will find tremendous benefit from vitamin F for prostate issues.  I mentioned earlier that this product can feed the hormone system.  In the same way it helps your heart muscle it also helps your hormones.  It is not only nutritional support for the thyroid but it also critical for benign prostate issues for men.  Men will find reduced trips to the bathroom and a better flow.

Women will find that Cataplex F will feed their thyroid, ovaries and liver which are all critical for hormone balance.  It also serves as a calcium supplement by keeping too much calcium from getting in the blood where it settle into the tissue.

Vitamin F has a lot of benefits that most people have missed.  Be sure to keep this in your medicine cabinet to handle many of the ailments I mentioned above.

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