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Do you really need vitamin supplementation?

My opinion over the years on this has changed and I do believe that it is not possible for us to eat enough organic, healthy food to supplement our bodies against the many toxins we face today.

Our foods are not grown the way they were intended and there are very few farmers committed to growing those foods at pure organic strength.  Farming practices have changed and simple things like crop rotation to properly mineralize the soil is no longer happening.  Chemicals are used to kill pests and fertilize our crops all of which end up in the plants and in our bodies.   Manufacturing practices have also created an onslaught of processing opportunities to create foods faster and allow them to sit on grocery shelves longer. That means preservatives. Let’s also consider the way our crops are now shipped across the world.  Nearly 60% of vitamin C is lost in an orange just by rolling across the room on the floor 10 feet.  Imagine shipping around the world?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) creates recommended levels (RDAs) of essential vitamins and minerals and seeks to provide the level supported in medical literature that will:

  • optimize health
  • minimize chronic disease
  • promote healthy aging

To demonstrate the lack of nutrient rich soil, take a look at some of the mineral losses in our food supply:

  • Calcium levels down 48%
  • Iron levels down 96%
  • Magnesium levels down 83%
  • Zinc levels down 38%

The number of mineral losses in the foods that reach our tables in the last 100 years is alarming.  When you combine farming practices above with food processing losses here, you can see why vitamin and mineral supplementation is important.

Food Processing Losses

  • Up to 60% of Vitamin C
  • 40% of Vitamin B2
  • 30% of Vitamin B1

Mineral losses have also declined from blanching, canning, and freezing foods.  So now you see that unless you are truly eating organic, non-GMO (genetically modified organism) foods you are risking mineral loss.  Vitamin and mineral loss paves the way for cancer promoting environments, dementia, cardiovascular disease, glucose metabolism issues etc.

How do you know what supplements are right for you based on your age, prescription medications and lifestyle?  There is one most important thing you need to know.  If synthetic non-organic foods lose their strength to give you vitamins and minerals, then it makes sense that supplementing your body should only be with companies committed to creating non-synthetic, Non-GMO, organic, gluten, soy and dairy free products.

Here is a great opportunity to take advantage of a free health assessment that considers you as a unique individual to provide recommendations for your unique health status.  I recommend this assessment and their products because they are all based on medical research (other companies are not doing this.) Watch this video for more details and then create your HIPAA compliant account with a username and password.  You have complete and total control to order what you need.  You will notice a difference within 30-90 days.