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By Dr. Bruce West

The best symptom relief for hemorrhoids is arrowroot. The best treatment for hemorrhoids and varicose veins (hemorrhoids are varicose veins) comes from the root of the stone plant, commonly known as the collinsonia plant. This treatment is even more effective than horse chestnut preparations.

This centuries-old remedy was used by Native Americans and consists of the ground-up root of the stone or collinsonia plant. The active ingredient in this herbal root is magnesium phosphate, which is a vascular astringent. That means that it helps maintain the proper tone in the muscles of blood vessels. Lack of tone allows vessels and veins to become enlarged and distended.

This stone-hard root is ground into a fine powder and encapsulated, using no heat or chemicals. It can routinely provide dramatic relief for people with vein problems, varicose veins, hemorrhoids. You just take Collinsonia Root (3 capsules 2x or 3x daily) with a large glass of water. If you have hemorrhoids, use arrowroot for symptom relief while you are using the collinsonia capsules. Just dab some powder on the area a few times daily.

Most people with varicose veins and/or hemorrhoids also have a congested liver. If your vein problems are severe, consider adding A-F Betafood (3 tablets 2x daily) and Cyruta-Plus (2 tablets 2x daily) to help clear up liver congestion as well as strengthen your blood vessels. If you have varicose veins and/or hemorrhoids with a congested liver and gallbladder problems, you certainly need A-F Betafood, and you should consider a liver/gallbladder flush.

You can find this protocol in my Encyclopedia of Pragmatic Healing, free with your new Health Alert subscription.

Today medical treatments for varicose veins and hemorrhoids are far superior to earlier medical treatments. But any surgical treatment carries some degree of risk. It is always best to use the herbal protocol for 4 to 6 months before undergoing surgery. And it only makes sense to treat your liver, which is the underlying cause of serious cases of varicose veins and/or hemorrhoids. This should be done whether you use collinsonia, arrowroot, or surgery.


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