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summer-travelMy wife, the nurse, never travels without a few special things that most people would never take along.

The first is a good supply of Gastrex from Standard Process. Gastrex is the supreme food poisoning antidote.  It is made with the super-absorbing and detoxifying agent montmorillonite clay.  This clay is combined with okra, chlorophyll, duodenal extract, and silica to promote healing.  Gastrex quickly relieves an over-acid stomach, and helps resolve food poisoning quickly and effectively.  You can even make a poultice out of it to place on weeping ulcers, wounds, and lesions.  It’s the best all-around substance for food poisoning, digestive upset, and healing wounds.  Simply take 3-15 capsules at the first sign of food poisoning.  It generally clears in hours.

The second substance my wife brings is Collinsonia Root, which should be considered if you have any problems with leg circulation or blood clots.  If you are going to be driving or flying for long periods, and you know you have circulation problems, simply take 2-6 Collinsonia Root capsules on an empty stomach before you leave.  This simple herbal solution made from the collinsonia or stone root plant could alleviate thousands of cases of blood clots and leg circulation problems for travelers around the world.

In addition, if you are going to a high altitude, make sure you have some Cataplex E2 on hand.  This is the oxygen-sparing part of the whole vitamin E complex.  It allows your system and your heart to function well on less oxygen (which occurs naturally at higher altitudes).  Ski trip, hikes, and mountain climbing are times when you can get an attack of altitude sickness.  This is no picnic-with severe headaches, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and more.  Six tablets a day can almost always alleviate this serious problem.  And remember that elite mountain climbers never attempt to climb a mountain without Cataplex E2.  To order Gastrex, Collinsonia Root or Cataplex E2, click here to contact us.

Finally, for first aid (cuts, bites, and rashes) do like my wife and always take bottles of Tea Tree Oil and No Itch Spray with you.  Tea tree oil from Australia is the supreme antiseptic, antibacterial, first aid treatment for any kind of cut, abrasion, wound or most anything else external. No Itch Spray is the supreme anti-itch substance for bites, stings, and rashes.  It is made from burdock root, sheep sorrel, cudweed plant, watercress, slippery elm bark, pineapple skin extract, and turkey rhubarb root.  This stuff really works!  Both Tea Tree Oil and No Itch Spray are available at the best price from the Health Alert Store at

So be like my wife, the nurse-travel safe and happy.