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Is Your Teen Depressed?

More Than 10% of U.S. Teens Experience Major Depression

More than 10% of all U.S. teens is a huge number.  This is terribly unsettling, especially since many of these hundreds of thousands of kids will be treated with chemicals.  And we are never sure how many will commit suicide, or worse, commit a mass murder.  And yet, major depression uncannily resembles B Complex Deficiency Syndrome (BCDS) – a syndrome of mental problems caused by a deficiency or imbalance of B vitamins.

Symptoms of Depressions and BCDS

Here is a list of BCDS symptoms (right out of a textbook) that are similar, related to, or identical to major depression:  Weakness and fatigue, poor appetite, headache, insomnia, instability, mental confusion, exhaustion, anxiety, irritability, morbid fears, confusion, somnolence, sadness, negativity, quick temper, depression and severe depression.

Perhaps the dead giveaway that your child or grandchild may be suffering from BCDS and/or depression is if they repeatedly feel like something dreadful is about to happen.  If this is someone in your family, you must take action immediately.  You may notice that they are often alone, away from other kids.  They may often seem solemn or sad, even when their friends around them seem happy and content.  And they may constantly worry about something dreadful about to happen!  That is the sign that action needs to take place immediately.

The Human Brain Needs Adequate Nutrition

Your brain and your child’s brain cannot function without adequate nutrition.  And perhaps the most dynamic of all this nutrition is the B complex of vitamins.  If your kids are showing the kinds of symptoms listed in this article, please have them eat real food, quit the sugar and soda, and make sure you get a large bottle or two of Cataplex B from Standard Process.  This is real vitamin B, not synthetic chemicals from China masquerading as vitamin B complex.

Give your kids Cataplex B (1-2 tablets) with breakfast and dinner.  After a week or two, do not be surprised if they are more tired than ever.  This would be a good sign because this kind of fatigue results from repair mechanisms working within the brain and body, and it is proof that your program is working.  This kind of fatigue is generally short-lived and self-limiting – usually 1-2 weeks.

The Human Brain Needs Time to Heal

Most kids will begin to feel better within 30 days.  But remember that the brain heals slowly.  To recover from BCDS or depression takes time. If your kids have already advanced to the stage of severe depression, fear, insomnia, morbid fears and the like, it may take a few months for them to begin to improve, and up to 18 months for complete resolution. However, to address this advanced stage of symptoms more quickly, it might be beneficial to call my office and book a BodyTalk Session for your teen.  BodyTalk can create a large amount of change in just a few sessions.  These sessions can be done long distance via video conferencing.  

Remember to adjust the dose of Cataplex B to the severity of the problem.  Most kids do well on 2-3 Cataplex B taken twice daily.  And if your kid or grandkid is depressed and also hyperactive, add Cataplex G to the protocol.  Cataplex G is the calming half of the B complex, and in these cases, I would give Cataplex B (1-2 taken 2x daily) and Cataplex G (1-2 taken 2x daily).  And to round out the protocol, omega-3 fatty acids should be taken daily in the form of Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil (3 daily).

This protocol can really work, not only for your kids and grandkids but for you as well.  Remember, you can eat lots  of B complex-rich foods like yeast, wheat germ, liver, beet root, carrots, sweet potato, rice bran, adrenal tissue extract, lecithin, manganese lactate, inositol, riboflavin, and much more-all by the wheelbarrow full and all raw, or you can just use Cataplex B and Cataplex G.

Your Heart and B Vitamins

Please always remember that perhaps the most critical of all the cardiotonic nutrients-the nutrients your heart demands-is the B complex.  So Cataplex B (1-2 taken 3X daily) and Cataplex G (1-2 taken 3x daily) with food will go a long, long way to heal your ailing heart.  Use more G with high blood pressure, and use more B with normal to low blood pressure.

This is real nutrition, the likes of which I cannot find anywhere else.  Both Cataplex B and G were produced by Dr. Royal Lee and Standard Process way back in 1934 as an antidote to the newly universal bleaching of wheat flour.  This bleaching resulted in monumental B complex deficiencies, and these two products were designed to fill this void.  Both have been selling gangbusters without any glitzy magazine or Internet advertising for over 80 years each!  And there is only one reason they continue to sell-these products work, both for your brain and your heart.

Lift your Mood Protocol

  • Cataplex B: 3-9 daily
  • Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil: 3 daily

With Hyperactivity…add…

  • Cataplex G: 3-6 daily

For an online nutrition assessment/consult or to evaluate whether the protocol above is right for you or your loved one, contact me.  All consults can be done in person or using video conferencing.