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Tahiti relaxationImagine yourself relaxing on a wonderful Tahiti Vacation.  Looks good, right?  But the reality is that you are so revved up you cannot relax.  You may have adrenal stress.  Many people will admit that they have more than enough activities to keep them busy.  In fact, most people now a days have a cell phone on one ear, a computer or IPAD at their fingertips while they are conducting a meeting or directing their children to carry out a task.  While this may seem efficient, you are taxing your system beyond what it was intended to handle.

Are you having difficulty losing weight in the mid-section?  Do you have food cravings for carbohydrates like sweets or breads?  Do you find yourself getting sleepy after you eat?  Many of these symptoms are signs of adrenal stress.

What is adrenal stress?  It’s when your body operates in fight or flight mode and never turns off.  Picture the tachometer in your car.  Ever notice the red line near the top range?  Operating your car at that level is not good for it.  Well, operating your body at that same revved up RPM level is adrenal stress and it’s not good for you either.

What can you do about it?  Take a Tahiti Vacation of course.  Watch this short video clip explaining the benefits of the Tahiti Vacation Relaxation exercise.