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 Do you have low T?

Have you seen that commercial on television where it asks men “Do you have low T”?  They are talking about testosterone, a hormone found in both male and females but mostly associated with men.  Deficiency in the hormone can look like the following: fatigue, weight gain, low libido, decreased mental sharpness, lowered mental clarity, mood swings and declining muscle mass.

Improving this hormone balance will generally increase overall well-being.  It can also help with symptoms associated with heart failure and improved stability and balance.

The following factors can interfere with testosterone balance and therefore, with some modifications, can be addressed in a more natural manner.  Physical/Mechanical Dysfunctions, poor basic nutrition, stress, low mineral status like zinc, prostate enlargement and poor endocrine communication.

One of the easiest ways to identify low T is to take the zinc test.  Zinc is critical for proper sexual function.  There is a test that can be taken called Zinc drink.  It is generally sold through health practitioners. The zinc test is easy to take and no studying is necessary.  All it entails is swishing a small amount of zinc in your mouth.  If you can’t taste it, you have low zinc.  If it tastes awful, your zinc is in line.  A product called Zinc Liver Chelate can help bring those levels back up.

Some other tips to increase low T include eating red organic meat 4 – 8 times a month.   This could also include cod, chicken or raw milk.  There are several other natural products that can assist with this process as well.  One of them is a 10 day male vitality cleanse that may assist in this process of moving low T to a high T.  Contact me for further details.