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By Dr Bruce West

“Based on PSA screenings, twenty men receive prostate cancer diagnoses for every one man who benefits. Since screening does not really affect mortality (death rates), one million men have been treated unnecessarily!1

Health Alert, Vol. 27, No.1

Talk about an about-face…just like Health Alert, the American Cancer Society (ACS) is now backing away from yet another cancer screening scam-the PSA test. They are now actually warning men about the test, saying it is of questionable value and can do men more harm than good. For good measure, they also say that screening doesn’t really save lives, and any benefits come at a high price. In addition, the ACS is warning about the likelihood of false test results and the side effects men suffer due to medical treatment initiated by false PSA findings. Finally, they want to stop community screenings in which hundreds of men line up for free PSA tests.

The new guidelines stir doubts among men and physicians alike. And they should, since they mimic the very same guidelines given here in Health Alert-the very same ones deemed quackery and charlatanism over the 10 years that I have published them. This is just one more example of what the medical establishment does with a basic truth that flies in the face of medical-gold-standard thought. First, that truth is vehemently denied, and the one proclaiming it is branded a charlatan and a quack. Then it is simply ignored for as long as possible. When it won’t go away, and it can no longer be covered up, it is boldly announced, as if it is a new medical discovery.

If I get a PSA test, it is only for sheer curiosity. If I ever had a high PSA level, I would never use it to climb up the medical ladder to further exams and biopsies. And even if I had prostate cancer, I would never, no matter what, submit to the medical gold standard of prostatectomy and radiation. In addition, if I ever had benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH), I would never submit to drug treatment that might offer minimal relief, but that could destroy my bladder in the process.

Instead, I would use Cataplex F (4-6 daily) and Palmettoplex (3-6 daily) along with Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil (3-4 capsules daily). If I had an infected prostate, prostatitis, or even prostate cancer, I would add Arginex (9 daily), Cataplex E (6 daily), and Cyruta-Plus (12 daily) to my protocol. I would then use the PSA test to judge the effectiveness of my program over 3 months and then 6 months time. For more information on these products contact us.

If I could not clear up my BPH, I might consider laser surgery. If I could not control my prostate cancer, I would consider Triple Hormone Blockade Therapy.2 Either way, I would stay on my protocol until I had the prostate problem resolved. That’s how I would maintain a healthy prostate and treat any prostate problems. And I would not rely on the PSA screening for much of anything, except the progress of my own protocol. Just call me crazy!


For any of the Standard Process products mentioned in this article contact Lynn Morales ND.


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