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Practitioner Directed Nutrition

Are foods the only way you should get your vitamins and minerals?

The Need to Supplement the Food Supply

In an ideal world, it would be great to think that our farming practices and a world free of toxins were a reality. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Pollution exists in many ways and impacts our food supply. Farming practices have been modified and no longer follow original farming processes such as rotating crops and using natural pest repellents. Because of the need to supplement the food supply, an increase in genetically modified foods have been created in order to produce food faster. These all contribute to a food supply that is lacking in minerals and vitamins. And that is why we like to balance beneficial food choices with whole food supplementation.

What are whole food supplements?

Supplements that are made out of food and not synthetic products. Supplements help to jumpstart your body to help it address deficiencies more quickly and move you on the road to recovery. They also aid in supporting busy lifestyles that may need some transition time before being able to convert to lifestyle cooking enhancements. Our goal is to help move you to a balanced nutrition plan with your nutrition specialist standing by you each step of the way. Transitioning you step by step to healthier nutrition unique to you and then work with you to transition your cooking lifestyle to meet the needs of your body and the demands of your lifestyle. Access Nutrition works closely with our other divisions Access Mind/Body and Access/Fitness to consider a complete program for stress reduction, emotional/physical balancing and coordination for your benefit.

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