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By Dr. Bruce West


“I instruct patients with stubborn hypertension that resists all therapies, including nutritional and drug therapies, to practice meditation and/or deep breathing. The results are always good…” Health Alert, Vol. 23, No. 12

There are four or five different types of blood pressure drugs. They all carry a litany of paralyzing side effects, and none of them, even if taken for 20 to 30 years, statistically provide for fewer heart attacks, strokes, or deaths. Heart disease drugs are not much better. However, another study reveals that transcendental meditation provides a 50% reduction in heart attacks, strokes, and death compared to patients who do not meditate!

A study granted by the federal government and conducted at the Medical College of Wisconsin was presented at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting (Nov 16, 2009). The results were so dramatic that medical experts said it was as if those practicing meditation were taking a new class of medications!

The amazing part of all this is simply that there are no medical treatments, surgeries, drugs or combination of drugs that can provide anything close to a 50% reduction in heart attacks, strokes, or heart disease deaths-none! And yet mediators accomplished this without any medical treatment whatsoever-simply by using the relaxing technique of meditation.

If you are backed into a corner with stubborn hypertension or heart disease that will not quit, be sure to start meditating, or at least practice deep breathing daily. To learn to meditate, simply go to and find out how to learn transcendental meditation. At the very minimum, practice deep breathing. If you need help, simply send me a self-addressed, stamped (with two stamps) envelope and write DEEP BREATHING. The address is Health Alert, 30 Ryan Court, #100, Monterey, CA 93940. I will send you my free flyer to get you started.

Better yet, start meditating or practicing deep breathing while you eat a new, healthy diet and start exercising. In addition, use a protocol that includes the cardiotonic nutrients that really make a difference. If you need help with this, just use my protocols, or drop me a line about your problem with a self-addressed, stamped (with two stamps) envelope. The address is Health Alert, 30 Ryan Court, #100, Monterey, CA 93940.

When you combine meditation with nutrition and exercise, you simply hit a home run. After a few months on this type of protocol, the only thing left to do is to have your physician wean you off the paralyzing blood pressure and/or heart drugs that were prescribed in a futile effort to resolve your problems. Meditation alone is better than all medical therapies-including drugs, combined drugs, heart surgeries, and more. But you will never get a prescription for meditation-except here.