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Life Insurance ApplicationShopping for Life Insurance?

Do This First!

Have you shopped for life insurance lately?  I did.  When I met with my financial planner he said, you and your husband got a “best” rating.   I said, “This is the second time you and your team have mentioned our rating, why is that?”  He said, “Well, that is not a usual rating and especially for both in the couple to get that rating.”  I said, “Well, I guess my Wellness Programs are working.”  He said, “ You mean you made a point to pass this test?”  I said, “Yes, we studied.”  He inquired more and then immediately passed out my Purification Program link to his insurance agents.

If you have not shopped for insurance, you may not know that in order to get your rates and coverage, your agent will send out a lab company to collect a urine and blood specimen.   These tests are evaluating your health risk in order to determine if you are insurable and at what rate.  They are generally checking your weight, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure etc. They are also looking at your health history and your family history.  Now, you can’t change your family history, but you can change your modifiable risks!

These same tests are also used for what is called Metabolic Syndrome.  What is Metabolic Syndrome?  A series of risk factors that can lead to heart disease and diabetes. The risk factors are things such high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, tummy bulge (weight) and low LDL’s (low-density lipo-proteins or bad cholesterol).  Some companies offer this Metabolic Syndrome testing to their employees as an incentive for a premium credit on their health insurance rates.  

One of the most effective ways I have learned to support life insurance and metabolic syndrome testing is to manage your diet and clean out your body systems.  In fact, one program I recommend can assist you in making significant changes in your numbers in 21 days when followed correctly.

The key to this is to clean out your body of toxins which helps clear the colon and that will help you to drop some weight.   Removing the toxins will also start to release things that are causing your blood and lymphatic system to hold on to excess fluids or constituents that are increasing the risk factors mentioned above. These toxins lead to inflammation in the body and that leads to pain.  Learn more about these toxins in the following videos.  And if you want to see just how toxic you might be, use this link to complete the toxicity questionnaire.

The next aspect is proper nutrition for allowing your body systems to re-build.  The nutrition plan that is followed in the 21 Day Purification Program focuses on allowing the body to cleanse itself of foods that have preservatives or should I say “dead food”.  Dead foods are things that can sit on the shelf for years, like Twinkies!  Consider that the box they sit in is similar to their little “coffin”.  Live foods are an integral part of the nutrition plan and they are just that, “alive”.

The 21 Day Purification program provides your body with foods such as fruits and vegetables that nourish the cells and blood. These are foods that don’t have preservatives and grow on trees and plants.  It allows for more natural functioning of the body systems the way nature intended and allows for proper elimination.  

During the program there are significant milestones:

  • Days 1-7 are strictly for cleansing and enjoying smoothies and fresh vegetables (recipes provided)
  • Day 8 begins the process of nourishing your cells
  • Day 11 is the reintroduction of food protein like fish and chicken

Throughout the purification process you will begin to experience energy and vitality, and support for bones, joints, and muscles and more balanced body systems.  Another byproduct is that you often reduce weight. Recipes, grocery lists, and tips are provided on your 21 Day Journey. Each day you will also receive coaching from our Purification Specialist via daily emails.   And for those who like evidence based research, check out this link that supports this Purification Program.

Summer is the absolute BEST time to work with this program because so many fruits and vegetables are in season and it is a time of year when you feel like eating lighter.  Enjoy Wellness like you have not noticed in years!  Order you Purification Program by completing the form at the bottom of this link to get a jump on your numbers.