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Is Your Hose Kinked?

An Introduction to Naturally Balancing Your Energy by Understanding Chinese Medicine

By: Lynn Morales, ND

Most of you would agree that energy runs throughout the body, right? For those who are not certain just think of a couple of analogies for a moment. Have you ever thought about the fact that lightning likes people? You know, people get struck by lightning all the time. It is attracted to the energy we have. Or how about in the winter time when you walk across the carpet and then shock a member of your family or the family pet for that matter. This is evidence that energy runs through our bodies.

Consider your body as a series of plumbing pipes or a hose. Remember the old Draino commercial? The energy should be running smoothly from pipe to pipe. However, every now and then a clog in the pipe or a kink in the garden hose can happen. This prevents the free flow of all vital energy and fluids throughout the body. So how could this impact you?

“Where there is stagnation, there is pain. Where there is pain, there is stagnation.”  –    K. Pilipovich

How do these kinks happen? Injuries, surgery adhesions, stress etc. Stress is anything that causes the body to get out of balance. Stress can be caused by emotions, lack of sleep, foods that are not good for you, cell phones, smog, traffic, work…do I need to continue? This is why your health journey is always going to be just that, a journey. You will always have opportunities in this world to create an imbalance just by waking up!

While we don’t really have a hose in our body, we do call these pathways where the energy flows, meridians. They connect to all vital organs, cells and tissues. The body tries very hard to connect these energy flows and keep them from being stagnant. Without help, the body has difficulty with consistent energy, mental alertness, concentration and stamina. Sound like anyone you know?

These meridians also align with our body clock. You have heard the term body clock before, but did you realize that the body cleanses a different organ every two hours of the twenty-four-hour clock? The body clock actually starts at 3 AM with the first organ of the day being the lungs. It cleanses for 2 hours until 5 AM. Are you one of those people that wake up during this time of night? Perhaps you can not go back to sleep until that time frame is over? That is a good indication that your body may have an energy block that is not flowing freely.

There are a number of ways to address this from supplements to modalities such as BodyTalk to various exercises that help with breathing and to enhance the energy flow.   A BodyTalk session can be done in person or remotely (over the phone or live video conference such as Zoom).  Learn more about BodyTalk and schedule a session.   For the next several months, look for specific exercises and products to better enhance the energy flow for specific organs.


The Clock Continues Series:

Is Your Hose Kinked? Introduction to series: Lung Time 3 AM to 5 AM

The Clock Continues: Large Intestine Time 5 AM – 7 AM

The Clock Continues: Stomach Time: 7 AM – 9 AM

The Clock Continues: Spleen/Pancreas Time: 9 AM – 11 AM

The Clock Continues: Heart Time 11 AM – 1 PM

The Clock Continues: Small Intestine Time 1 PM – 3 PM

The Clock Continues: Bladder Time 3 PM – 5 PM

The Clock Continues: Kidney Time 5 PM – 7 PM

The Clock Continues: Pericardium 7 PM – 9 PM

The Clock Continues: Triple Heater 9 PM – 11 PM

The Clock Continues: Gallbladder 11 PM – 1 AM

The Clock Ends…Finally: Liver 1 AM – 3 AM