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Good Digestion isn’t as Easy as it Sounds 

Healthy Digestion

By: Lynn Morales, ND

I am not going to tell you that having good digestion is easy, because it isn’t.   There are many factors that work against proper digestion and as the days go by I see more and more odds working against the average digestive system.  There is a really good chance that some of the factors I am about to tell you about are secrets hidden in your daily routine.

 If your routine is anything like the average American, you probably are doing good just to get your job done daily and feed yourself and your family before you retire and go to bed.  I often find that by bedtime I am asking, “Where did my day go?”  I often joke with one of my naturopath friends regarding the 96 things we have to do in a day to keep all systems working and stress free.  Let’s not talk about the stress the list of getting the 96 things in is causing.

 Is this your day?

Are you one that is sitting at your desk most of the day or in your vehicle.  You may finally find time to eat, but it often has to be a fast meal often standing and/or eating on the run.  Throughout the day you forget to drink water.  As you start to feel mentally tired, do you reach for a sugar fix of a soda, candy bar or cookie?  The sugar may have lowered your immune system and you eventually get sick and had to take antibiotics.  Or maybe later in the day, the sugar crash hit and your energy dropped and the thought of walking for the evening was overwhelming.

If this is your day, there is a really good chance your digestion is off.  If you are not eliminating multiple times a day or you find burping, belching and passing gas are a regular part of your day, learn from these tips.

 Tips for Improving Digestion

To put it simply, don’t do what I mentioned in the paragraph above.

  1. Stop sitting so much.  Walk to the printer, fax machine or breakroom.  Taking just 1,200 steps a day will move the contents of your intestines in an amazing way.

  2. Drink more water.  I know you are thinking it couldn’t be this simple.  Yes, it is.  How much water do you need?

  3. Eat nuts when you need energy or other sources of protein.  Avoid the urge to have high doses of sugar like candy and soft drinks.

  4. Stop eating processed foods which is basically anything in a package.  Add in more whole foods like vegetables, fruits, eggs and nuts.

  5. Take probiotics  if antibiotics are necessary because your immune system is deficient.

Don’t beat yourself up if this does describe your average day, but know that you can do basic steps to change these and improve your overall health outlook.  It is possible that additional guidance may be needed for your unique digestive issues, but the steps above are a great start.  If you find more assistance is needed, contact me about our new digestive cleanse.  See the difference that just ten days can make in your digestive health.