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dog-sufferingIf your dog is suffering from arthritis and joint pain, there is a natural alternative to helping your dog improve his health other than pain medication and surgery.  You can help your dog heal by replacing his store-bought grain food with a raw-food diet.  This diet consists of raw meaty bones and raw foods.  A good diet is the BARF diet™ (biologically appropriate raw food) made by Ian Billinghurst.  For more information visit

Along with the BARF diet™, give your dog raw-food, bone-building, joint-normalizing, osteofactor supplements made by Standard Process.  A good protocol to follow is Calcifood Powder (1/2 tbsp for small dogs to 1 tbsp for large dogs), Biost (2 tablets for small dogs; up to 4 for large dogs), Ligaplex II (2 tablets for small dogs; up to 4 tablets for large dogs), and Cataplex F (1 tablet for small dogs; up to 3 tablets for large dogs).

Your dog will love his new diet because it is made from raw food, meat, marrow, and bone.  After 4-6 months on this diet, have your dog reevaluated to see his improvement.  This diet will also help improve your dog’s skin, fur, teeth, ears, eyes, bowels, stomach and many other health problems.

Start today and within 30 days you should see some improvements and before you know it your dog will be pain free, happy and active.

Contact Lynn for more information about Standard Process Products and how they can provide the proper nutrients for your dog to live a healthier life.