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The Clock Continues: Spleen/Pancreas 9 AM – 11 AM

In my prior article titled, Is Your Hose Kinked? I referenced the 24 hour body clock. If you missed this article, click on the link provided and be sure to click on the archives for the last couple of months to read the articles that support the rest of the body clock. So far we have covered the lungs, the large intestines, and the stomach. I have been sharing details about your internal clock and how it carries out specific tasks within the body at the same time every day. Almost like your body’s “in-box” of daily routines. And, like your day at your home or the office, your body may have an emergency or two that gets thrown in. Something you didn’t plan. This emergency could simply be a food you are allergic to such as dairy. Your body still needs to work on its regularly scheduled daily task, but eating the wrong foods or food you have an intolerance to may cause your body to have to go deal with that “emergency” instead of completing the scheduled task. This is how blockages, build-ups and stagnation can cause an organ’s meridian pathway to be clogged. This can lead to a host of issues.

The spleen/pancreas holds position number 4 in the body clock which means that the clock starts each day at 3 AM with the lungs and then passes the baton to the large intestine at 5 AM, then to the stomach at 7 AM and now to the spleen/pancreas at 9 AM to allow it to complete its daily tasks.

From 9 AM – 11 AM, your body is cleansing the spleen/pancreas. The spleen network includes the pancreas, thymus (immune gland), parts of the bone marrow and certain aspects of the brain just to name a few.

The spleen/pancreas has a number of functions including:

• Transports food, lymph thoughts and emotions

• Keeps blood in the vessels to prevent bruising

• Regulates rhythms like menstrual periods and other rhythms

• Gives us the ability to focus on tasks

Often the following symptoms may accompany a spleen/pancreas that is not balanced:

• Tiredness, weakness, dizziness, weak voice, numbness of limbs

• Nightmares, sleep-walking, obsessing about the past

• Fullness in chest, heavy feeling in head, headache

• Worry, low appetite, poor diet

There are a number of ways to address an imbalance in the spleen/pancreas such as exercises like Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong. The following Qi Gong exercise will help you strengthen the energy flow in this meridian and can help improve the symptoms listed above: Qi Gong Exercises for the Spleen

We are continuing this series next month until we have covered all the organs in the 24-hour body clock. However, if you have low energy during this time or other times of the day, it could be a food intolerance or adrenal stress. Pinpointing if this happens after you eat is a good indication of a food intolerance. If not, suspect adrenal stress in which case you could benefit greatly from my prior video release called the Tahiti Vacation Relaxation Technique.

Another way to address energy imbalances is through BodyTalk, a modality I use in my practice. A BodyTalk session can be done in person or remotely (over the phone or live video conference such as Zoom). Learn more about BodyTalk and schedule a session.


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