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chalky-teethThe more our diet consists of processed, cooked, and fast foods the more we suffer from arthritis, soft chalky teeth, swollen and painful joints, and broken bones that won’t heal.

A cooked-food diet can cause these problems and more.  The remedy for this problem is found in raw bones.  Raw bones contain organic manganese that activates bone-building enzymes.  They contain all the amino acids, coenzymes, and other specific minerals needed for the repair and renewal of strong healthy teeth, strong bones, functional nerve tissue, and powerful cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.

The medical community has no answers to these problems except for fluoridating the water supplies to “harden teeth” and provide painkillers and surgeries.  This is a serious problem and is affecting our children.  Americans are becoming more and more devoid of the basic building blocks needed to heal tissue and bones.

The good news is that there are supplements that can be added to your diet to help repair and renew tissue and bones.  Using raw-bone flour in the diet or supplements made from raw-bone flour like Calcifood Wafers or Bio-Dent from Standard Process can build strong healthy teeth, bones and tissue.

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