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By Dr. Bruce West

If you have had breast cancer, if you are at high risk for breast cancer, if you are afraid of getting breast cancer, or if you are just smart, you will take cod liver oil (CLO) for the rest of your life. Aside from being a sacred food and elixir that has profound and wonderful health benefits, CLO and its vitamin D are profoundly linked with breast cancer prevention.

In fact, one of the worlds’ leading vitamin D researchers, Dr. Cedric Garland, recently told a gathering at the Toronto School of Medicine’s “Diagnosis and Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency” conference, that breast cancer is a disease so directly related to vitamin D deficiency that a woman’s risk of contracting the disease can be “virtually eradicated” by elevating her vitamin D status to what vitamin D scientists consider to be natural levels. To read Dr. Garland’s entire statement, go to

Garland’s statement is a little strong for me, but there is no doubt that vitamin D from cod liver oil is powerfully linked to breast cancer prevention. Because of all the attention, many women have been experimenting with vitamin D supplements. Many experience failure to raise vitamin D levels when they use dry supplements, and many get inferior supplements. Thus, many fail to get the breast cancer prevention benefits because of these issues.

As we have stated previously, there are many forms of vitamin D. And there are still many forms of vitamin D that we simply do not even know about. So it makes sense to raise your levels with the whole food that is super-rich in the whole vitamin D with all it variations. That food is Blue Ice™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil. We use it in the form of capsules, with 2-5 capsules daily being the most common dose to bring vitamin D levels back to normal.

Any woman in a high breast cancer risk category would be foolish not to use CLO as part of her cancer prevention program. It is easy, inexpensive, and provides lots of other health benefits. But make sure you use real CLO. Today almost all CLO is industrialized, which means that the vitamin D and lots of other nutrients are stripped out. Some are replaced with synthetic vitamin D, which is not what you want. So to be sure, rely on real, raw, fermented cod liver oil. It is the last of this sacred food.

Estrogen and Breast Cancer

If you are a breast cancer survivor or at a high risk for breast cancer, be sure to get your estrogen level tested. If you have an elevated estrogen level, you will need to lower this major breast cancer risk by using cruciferous vegetables. Simply take 4-6 capsules daily of Cruciferous Complete (formerly called Phytolyn) by Standard Process to help your body detoxify excess estrogen out of your system. Remember that women with the highest estrogen levels are 500% more likely to develop breast cancer or a recurrence of breast cancer than those with normal to low estrogen levels.1,2

Research by the Metametrix Institute showed that all women consuming 3.6 grams of Cruciferous Complete showed increased rates of estrogen excretion (removal of excess estrogen). You can prove this to yourself by testing and retesting your estrogen level before and after a few months of taking Cruciferous Complete. As your estrogen level drops to normal, your risk of breast cancer drops with it.

As with all things related to supplements, the research proved that the whole plant (brussels sprouts and kale) works best. Cruciferous Complete is whole, raw, organic, cruciferous brussels sprouts and kale, processed without heat or freezing, thus maintain the life force of the plant. The research proved that this type of product generated responses 100 times greater than higher dose fractionated products.3

In other words, whole food phytonutrient complexes are much more effective in absorption and conversion into the needed disease-fighting molecules. They actually produce the measurable results we are after. And as one of the major beneficial side effects of using Cruciferous Complete, this product contains flavonoids and hydroxycinnamic acids. These powerful agents are proven to help people prevent and even treat macular degeneration. Years ago we did our own study that showed that 90% of macular degeneration suffers using this product either maintained their vision with no worsening, or actually enjoyed improved vision after 6 months.4

In Conclusion

Cruciferous Complete has been proven to reduce excess estrogen, thus reducing your risk of breast cancer. Use this remarkable supplement if you have high estrogen levels. And use cod liver oil no matter what. CLO can dramatically lower your risk of breast cancer, with low cost, no side effects, no invasive procedures, and no drugs. Now that’s a protocol that you can live with.


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