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By: Lynn Morales, ND

SinusitisHave you been told you have Sinusitis? Did you find it came back more than once even though you visited the doctor and received treatment? There are a number of reasons one might have this and you might be surprised to hear what they are. Let’s start first by defining what it is.

Sinusitis Defined

Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinuses. It can be triggered by allergies or infection and is chronic and long-lasting in some individuals.

When stuffy sinuses plague you, you just want to lie down and not deal with anything!

Substances such as chlorine in the pool can trigger chronic sinusitis. Food intolerances are insidious: you might need to be desensitized to your favorite cereal! Who would have thought that something you are doing in your daily routine might be the cause of your health misery.

Did you realize that sinusitis could also have something to do with other aspects of your life?

Frustration with the kids – “Leave your sister alone!”

Anger with your boss – “Where is my raise?”

Being overwhelmed by divorce – “The car too?”

Inability to face your parents – “C’s make degrees.”

Birth of your big baby – “Oweeee!”

Back injury – “Why did we move the piano ourselves?”

Techniques used in BodyTalk address specific pockets of infection in the nooks and crannies of your cavernous sinuses to break the cycle of re-infection and get you back to permanent health.

Your pelvic bones, in BodyTalk, relate to the cheekbones that protect your sinuses. If you’ve given birth, or been in a car accident and damaged your pelvis, this could be causing your sinusitis!

In BodyTalk, a holistic system, we may address the pelvic bones and as a result your sinusitis will also improve. The focus of your session may not be on the sinuses themselves!

Call for your appointment for a BodyTalk Session today. Even if you do not live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, you are still able to benefit from BodyTalk work. Contact Lynn for more information on how you can receive help.