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Bladder Tissues and Issues

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) or cystitis is an inflammation of the urinary bladder.  Sometimes the symptoms go unnoticed but here are a few you may recognize: frequent urination, burning sensation, pain in the pelvic area, cloudy or dark colored urine.

Generally the cause is bacteria or yeast.  They are considered foreign bodies and don’t belong.  the bacteria come from feces and the yeast will generally come from the vagina.  Both men and women can have a UTI.  Although microorganisms often get blamed, a UTI can occur due to a lack of healthy bacteria in the urinary system.

The inflammation caused by an unhealthy balance in the system can lead to stress on the prostate.  Men generally experience a higher prevalence of  of cystitis starting in their mid-50s and 60s.  Sometimes tissue weakness in the bladder can cause stress.  This stress leads to kidney and bladder stones and other abnormalities and increased risk for men and women.

There are many preventive measures to consider to avoid UTIs.

  1. Drink plenty of filtered or purified water.

  2. Consume unsweetened cranberry juice.

  3. Consume foods that contain d-mannose with freshly made juices such as blueberries, gooseberries, peaches, apples, green beans etc.

  4. Take a good probiotic.

  5. Eat plenty of fiber like nuts, seeds, fermented dairy.

  6. Avoid bladder irritants like alcohol, chocolate, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners,  caffeine, vinegar, tomatoes etc.

  7. Don’t resist the urge to urinate.

  8. Avoid tight fitting clothes.

  9. Eliminate food sensitivities.

  10. Women should urinate after sexual activity.

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