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Recently, I read an article by Jayme Hirashiki on banishing fatigue, enhancing gratitude and taking response-ability.  I shared with you Part I last month.  Now let’s continue with Part II and learn how to banish fatigue, enhance your gratitude and take response-ability for a better life by following these six steps.

By Jayme Hirashiki

20091216-happy-woman-290x218Step One:  Create a space.  Your home can become your haven.  Find an area in or around your home to create a sanctuary.  Use this as your escape from the outside world.  Dedicate this area to your emotional and spiritual safety.  Ask your family to respect your space and to honor your need for privacy.  In this place, disconnect the cell phone and access to the Internet.  Make it comfortable and comforting.  Light candles, add soothing music or make it completely quiet.  It is your sacred space to visit daily.

Step Two:  Keep a handwritten journal.  Write about three to six things you have appreciated during your day.  Doing this helps you value the best in people and situations.  Regular journaling helps you focus and respond with clarity to meaningful events.  It’s important to keep your mind actively alert to the positive events of your life.  This reduces the worry that fuels anxiety and makes it difficult to relax.

Step Three:  Practice gratefulness.  Research reveals that the daily exercise of being grateful improves a person’s sense of well being and overall happiness.  Both men and women who regularly practice this report they have more energy, are more optimistic and develop restful sleep patterns.  Other studies demonstrate that individuals who keep track of what they appreciate each day tend to live longer and suffer with less illness during their lifetime.

Step Four:  Record synchronistic events.  People who live in the holiness of the moment will always look for the potential of whatever that moment might bring-big or small.  Recognize and count your blessings and notice simple pleasures.  This develops your capacity to be more connected to something greater.

Step Five:  Correct nutritional deficiencies.  They often occur when you’ve been under periods of prolonged stress.  Consider getting a blood test to determine any deficiencies and then do something about it.  Ask your health care professional to help you select a diet plan and choose the right supplements.  Research the benefits of vitamin B12, vitamin B complex, Vitamin D and Co Enzyme Q10.  You are unique, so remember, one size does not fit all and nothing stays the same.  Your nutritional needs will vary.  With help, you can find the right mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants blends that prove the best support for your good health.

Step Six:  Be grateful for all the past lessons in your life.  Know that all things come to pass but they don’t come to stay.  Difficult cycles come to an end.  New cycles begin.  Move forward and don’t look back.  Each day brings fresh possibilities for renewal, prosperity and wellness.  Today just might be the day you do the things you’ve put off or gotten too comfortable to try.  Step into this moment.  It’s yours for the taking.

HealthKeepers Magazine December 2011