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knee-painBaby Boomers have had years of sports and activities which may cause joint pain and deterioration.  You may be tempted to get joint replacement surgery because you want to feel better now.  The problem is artificial joints can wear out and getting joint replacement surgery too early may require a second surgery.  Not to mention the risks of having surgery.

Artificial joints can not take the place of your real joints.  The best thing to do is to try to rehabilitate your joints through proper nutrition and therapy.  Most joint problems are caused by damage to your muscles, tendons and ligaments.  This soft tissue can be rehabilitated.

Your joints need the right nutrition to rebuild tissue.  One way to feed your joints is to use a raw bone supplement called Calcifood made by Standard Process.  Standard Process provides high quality dietary supplements to improve the quality of life.

You will also need the right therapist to work out the damage to your muscles, tendons and ligaments that cause pain and numbness.  Using a technique called BodyTalk can help you rehabilitate your joints.  BodyTalk is a simple, effective, and non-invasive method that makes use of the body’s innate healing powers.  Communication is restored among all the parts of the body, then reinforced by light tapping on the head and chest.

The BodyTalk System™ is a form of natural healthcare that can be used as a stand-alone system, and also integrated with any other modality in health and preventive care.  It recognizes and addresses all sides of the human being:  physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, hereditary and environmental.

To learn more about Standard Process or to schedule your BodyTalk appointment, contact Lynn today!