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Do you feel like you are wandering through your life? Maybe you don’t know what direction to go in next? Are you confused? Unaware or what to do or where you need to go next? Have you ever noticed people walking through a parking lot completely unaware of the oncoming car as they walk down the middle of the aisle?

I work with clients in my practice daily and encourage them to get in tune with their world and especially their body. The lack of awareness you see in someone in the parking lot will also mimic the kind of awareness people have around their body. The work I do in my practice works best when my clients are in tune and know what they want out of life and then I facilitate helping them get to that goal; health, family, career etc.

My clients complete a questionnaire and I ask them; What are your goals? What do you want to achieve? What do you want to look different in your life? We then go to work and help their body move through blocks keeping them from that achievement; physical, emotional and spiritual. They then ask, “what should I expect now that the session is done?” I tell them any change is a good thing.

I ask them to look for things like this:

Change in appetite, change in bowel habits, change in sleep patterns, change in moods, change in relationships, change in body parts, flexibility, changes in breathing patterns, changes in energy levels, what foods are you craving, do you have an decrease in gas and bloating, do you experience more headaches, what smells do you want to smell or avoid, is your stomach gurgling more than normal, who did you blow-up at, who are you more patient with, who are you more angry at, who at your work quit for a new opportunity?

Get the point? The possibilities are endless. Any change is what I need you looking for to increase your awareness and awaken the possibilities inside you. And the more you become aware of how your body, God, the universe is trying to communicate with you the sooner you are on the road to recovery and no longer floundering in the parking lot wandering aimlessly without attention to your path or dangers around you.

I gave you a big list of things to notice because nobody gave me this list when I started my health and wellness journey. I had very talented practitioners all around me that would speak of their “big shifts and changes” yet never really explained to me or understood my complete and total unawareness of my own body. One of my very dear friends said to me recently, “You always seemed like you had a spirit that wanted to know so much in a body without an owner’s manual.” It was a great description. She added, “It’s more fun to communicate with you now because we never have to say a word.”

Test your awareness. Ask another person to do this exercise with you. Look at them for 20 seconds. Then ask them to leave the room and change 5 things; maybe the remove one earring, flip their hair a different way, roll up a sleeve. Then ask them to return and see what you notice in the next 20 seconds. Were you aware?

My clients need to be willing to awaken and notice these kind of changes in order for me to work with them. My observation is that the ones that have awakened their physical body are the ones that make the biggest shifts in their life to achieve their desires. And since I completely understand that not everyone has awareness from the get go, I am sharing a great tool, Awaken Essential Oil. I call it my awareness oil. This oil is to help you become aware of limitless potential. It stimulates right brain creativity, supports the function of the pineal and pituitary glands in balancing the energy centers of the body and helps us identify our true desires and how best to pursue them. It is the first step toward making positive life changes.

I don’t believe any of us set out in life to become unaware. I believe we are so bombarded by stimuli that we actually “check out” meanwhile our bodies are screaming at us until our attention is achieved when a serious health scenario hits. Awaken your sleeping giant and listen to your body guiding you to your fullest potential. To learn more about this oil and its constituents that remove blocks and awaken greater awareness watch this recorded webinar: Awaken Essential Oil Webinar.