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It was the first time I was in an emergency situation like that, and having just had your workshop, the first thing I did was started tapping the head and heart simultaneously, while others were trying to get her attention, lying her down, etc. It wasn’t until we had her down on the floor that I began to get really concerned because she wasn’t pulling out (her eyes were open but unfocused and she had no muscle control)… I had forgotten (in my stress) to hold the positions on the head, I was just tapping consistently on head and heart. When we got her to the floor I switched to her ears and within a couple of minutes she regained consciousness. I am grateful to have had both of these techniques to fall back on even tho I didn’t perform the Fast Aid correctly. I hope because of this experience that I will be calmer and more centered should that ever happen again.

DB – Tyler, TX

Approximately 6 weeks after taking Body Talk Access I was able to experience first hand what a huge benefit taking this class was. I was traveling to Haiti and on my return flight from Port au Prince a lady had huge pains on, what looked like, her appendix area. The flight attendants asked if there was a doctor on board and if so if he/she could go to the back of the plane. I automatically thought that the First Aid technique might work on alleviating her pain. So after I saw that the doctor left the passenger, I walked back there and told the flight attendants that I would like to try this tapping head & heart technique so that the brain could send messages to the affected area in hopes to relieving her pain. Both flight attendants and passenger in pain agreed. The first round of tapping the cortices, the passenger had a cold forehead. Second round, while she held the area affected, I had noticed that her forehead was warmer. Third and fourth round the head was hot. I was very excited to feel this change. After I was done the passenger said she felt much better. The flight attendants asked if I was a Therapist….and I told them “no.” But what an advantage to know this!!! Folks, this made a huge difference to this poor lady in pain. Even the doctor on board could not help her. Paramedics were on the runway when we landed, so I don’t know what happened later, but I do know that her pain was drastically lessened by providing this Fast Aid Technique!!!

– AG – Garland, TX

My daughter sprained her ankle early in a soccer tournament, we tapped out the Fast Aid Technique once and she was able to resume play for the rest of the weekend.

-Cathy- Plano, TX

I watched a calm come over my autistic son in seconds while the cortices technique was performed on him. This in invaluable!

–Brent – McKinney, TX

What a miracle. I had a Charlie horse on my thigh for over two weeks from a tennis injury. I was getting ready to set an appointment with my Dr. when my friend tapped out BodyTalk Access. It was better within a couple of hours.

–Tammy – Plano, TX

I used to get some kind of cold/flu every season. Last year, I started tapping out the Body Chemistry technique each time I encountered someone that was already sick. I have not had a cold since. What a value and savings to not have to go to the doctor!

– Marie

Lynn’s work is amazing! One afternoon I called her because I gotten had a severe, sudden onset bladder infection with no warning whatsoever. Not only was there bleeding, but small blood clots as well. She did a distance session on me and I quite literally felt the shift. The infection and all its symptoms were completely gone!


I took my 10-year old daughter to see Lynn for a long-standing respiratory issue. Every year, just about the time school starts, she would begin having massive sinus drainage and eventually it would turn into a respiratory infection that would require antibiotics. The condition would get beat back, but never really clear. It was a cycle of drainage, infection, antibiotics. By the time we left Lynn’s office, my daughter’s sinus drainage and cold-like symptoms were totally gone. It has been 2 weeks now and she may blow her nose in the morning, but if so she requires only 1 Kleenex, not the 10 or 12 she was using before. She has no more drainage during the day and no longer believes she has allergies, which is what people kept telling her.

Chantel T.