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Forgot to tell you-my blood work came back- cholesterol dropped from 220 to 140 and triglcerides down similarly- nice job- now game is to keep it here…

Brian Klemmer

Hi Lynn,

Thank you for the exercise info..will try it out with my daughter today. I am very pleased with my progress on the detox. My doctor just called to let me know that my bad cholesterol has dropped from 160 to 125!! She wants it to drop below 100 and I am hoping to achieve that soon. Also, I have lost some weight and I am inspired to continue following the diet and exercise to drop more lbs. I am also sleeping without the help of meds which again
made my doctor very happy.

All in all, I am very happy I did the detox program and thank you for being such a good guide and support. I am hoping to convince my husband to do it also.

Thank you
Leena D.

Hi Lynn,

Just dropping you a note to tell you that I feel great. My arthritis pain is almost non-existent and my cramps are tolerable, and I have so much energy. Normally the week of my cycle, I feel like I need to take naps. I don’t feel that way now. I also had another interesting discovery. I have been out in the heat of summer and it has not zapped my energy. In the past, a few hours of heat and humidity, and I felt drained. Now I just need to shower away the sweat.  TM

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