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What in the World is a Microbiome?  

Your Key to a Strong Immune System

Want to address in your own body the latest in scientific research?  Then you should be very interested in what a microbiome means to you.  A lot of the information on these has come out in the last several years.  In 2012, the Human Microbiome Project served to tell us that our relationship with microbes is much more symbiotic than originally thought.

What is a microbe you ask?  Oh, you’ve heard of them; viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungus.  All the things that can have a huge impact on your immune system and how you are able to support it.  The Project taught scientists that these bugs or critters are actually very helpful to us and in fact outnumber us 10:1 and reproduce about a million times more efficiently than we do.

The discovery of microbiomes has found that we have one for the skin, the gastrointestinal tract (including oral), the eyes, the respiratory system and the urogenital tracts.  The microbiome is the inner lining of these locations in the body where the outside world hits the inside world.  Let me explain.  Imagine the air you breathe.  Any number of “things” or microbes could be in that air at a given time.  Now imagine that air coming into your body through the nose or mouth and then down into the rest of the respiratory system.  Every part of the lining on the inside of your respiratory system that the outside air is now interacting with in the respiratory tract is what we are referring to as the microbiome.  That balance between how your internal good critters are able to live in harmony with what the outside air has delivered is your body ecology and you hope for balance.

So what does this mean to you?  Well, re-read the different types of microbiomes.  If you have chronic or acute illness with the various body systems mentioned above as microbiome categories, there is a good chance that you would benefit from having your microbiome balance evaluated.  The good news is that you have the opportunity to support your immune system with this new found scientific research.  

Find out how BodyTalk can help you strengthen and balance these microbiomes so you can live more in harmony with the critters designed to have a mutually beneficial relationship.  

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