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Forgiveness is for Me!

Emotions or feelings. We all have them yet some days we may not know exactly how to handle them.  Have you ever felt like you were betrayed, like you wanted to get revenge on someone or you continue to repeat the past and have feelings of distrust towards others including yourself?  Is resentment keeping your from forgiving the person that caused you harm?  Is it possible you need to forgive someone or even yourself?  Do you feel like you still carry that negativity with you because you have not forgiven the offender?  Did you know that holding on to that negativity affects the cells, your health and the harmony within your body?  

These types of feelings/thoughts start to create disharmony in your body.  Negative emotions or feelings start to create disharmony in every cell in your body which leads to disease.  In fact your organs are affected by resentment and other negative thoughts that forgiveness can address.   The acid thoughts produce acid in the blood.  This is created because you are fighting a battle that is better won through forgiveness.

Picture an EKG machine where you can literally see your heartbeat on the monitor and watch the energy waves goes up and down.  Doctors can see disharmony by watching the monitor.  When we let negative emotions or feelings affect us it causes a frequency of imbalance in our body.

What if all we really needed was the power to forgive.  I recall a newscast where a young man had killed another young man in an inner city.  After a few years and a few attempts, the mother of the victim was finally admitted by the killer to visit him in prison.  She visited him for the purpose of forgiving him for killing her son.  When asked by the news reporter how she had the strength to face her son’s killer and forgive him she stated, “Forgiveness is for me!”

Experiencing positive thoughts can create harmony in the cells and in our body.  A nice gesture, a kind word, and gratitude from others has a healing power and so does forgiveness.  Not everyone may be able to take this step all on their own like that mother.  This is when we wish Forgiveness could be bottled.  Well, actually, it has been.

Forgiveness essential oil by Young Living helps enhances the ability to forgive yourself and others while letting go of negative emotions, which is an important part of personal growth.   This generally helps with feelings of betrayal, distrust, repeating the past, revenge and self-denial.  To learn more about how this oil helps move you closer to a frequency of forgiveness, watch my  “Forgiveness” webinar, to learn of its constituents.

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